Company Profile

By having your property managed by specialists with over 35 years experience, you can have peace of mind that you have a lower risk of vacancies and other associated problems with your investment. Our expert and personalised service aims to provide you with not only a good return but also expert advise which can save you thousands of dollars, you also create the opportunity to add value to your property and therefore aim for greater financial freedom as you build your property asset portfolio.

When selecting a Property Manager for your investment, keep in mind that it is a full time role to ensure we find the right renters, manage payments, conduct regular inspections, resolve disputes and protect your interests, this role simply cannot be done effectively by a “cheap as chips” agent.

In addition to managing your rental property, if the time has come to sell, we can help you get the best sale price for your property.
At All About Sales, we are different to the usual sales agent/office, why do you ask?

Renee and Toni our sales consultants with over 20 years’ combined experience, will ensure you get the best outcome.
Whilst you may not be selling an investment, the thing that people do not think about is, every property is an investment. You pay off your own home rather than someone else’s to invest in your future or to eventually sell it to buy something new or in an area you would rather be in. Renee and Toni understand this and ultimately know what you achieve out of the sale of your property is important and they will stop at nothing to achieve the best possible outcome.

The All About Rentals & Sales team offer a service that is down to earth, professional, detailed and efficient.
We welcome any questions that you have in regard to our services and how we can assist you with your investment – 1300 900 182 or