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We are experts at Property Management that actually care about your asset. Our dedicated team understands and listens to the requirements of both theresidential rental provider and renter.

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Your Investment Matters To Us

At All About Rentals, we truly care about your investment property as if it were our own. At our agency, you are not just a number to us, our relationships we form flow strongly towards achieving your ideal outcome and making this process as stress-free as possible, the way it should be. 

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5 Steps To Successful Management Of Your Property

Leasing your property is one thing, but ensuring that your property is properly managed is another ball game. In property management, the easy part is finding renters, the skilled part is ensuring those renters are reliable whilst ensuring your property is well looked after, and all bills paid promptly.

Here's out 5 step method to a successful managed property.

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Regular inspections of your property are conducted, after the commencement of each new lease, the first routine inspection will be done in the third month and every six months thereafter. The inspection report will provide you with information on how the property is being maintained as well as any report of maintenance or repairs that may need attention.

All About Rentals have a list of qualified tradespeople that
can attend any maintenance work on your property, however
we are happy to engage specific tradespeople preferred by
you as long as they are a qualified person for the job at hand.
We are trained to identify any maintenance which may fall
under builders warranty in newer properties.

When a renter reports urgent maintenance, it must be
responded to immediately. Urgent maintenance is very specific
and covers things like burst hot water service, gas leak, blocked
or broken toilet, dangerous electrical fault or an essential
service or appliance not working. As agents and residential
property providers we need to act on this immediately as
the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 specifies the renter can
take action and spend up to $2500 to get the urgent repairs
rectified. We always encourage our renters to contact us
regarding any maintenance so we can ensure the matter is dealt
with promptly.

Renters are provided with a variety of options to pay their rent.
We disburse rent daily to our RRP’s ensuring that we pay you
with no delay and as soon as the funds are clear in our account.
Our system will notify you by email each time you receive
payment from us. We can offer to pay your regular bills, these
funds will be deducted from the rental we receive (this includes
water rates, council rates and insurances) This streamlines
all your payments and accounting making your financial year
preparation very easy.

We are constantly monitoring market trends and rents to
ensure your income is maximised at the same time as ensuring
capital growth of your asset. We will evaluate your property’s
rental every lease renewal period and advise you accordingly.


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